The Wolves are in the yard:


No Wolves, get your gun

Grandma, get your gun!  

Commenter: Joseph
Wolves have surpassed expectations and now it's time to manage them like we manage all other big game and predators.

Commenter: DJ Huntsman
Managing wolves should be left to the individual States. The "Introduction" of these non-native wolves to States that did not want them to begin with was illegal, unethical, and has caused severe and tragic consequences. It is a blatant example of "poor" wildlife management practices done to merely please radical special interest groups.

Commenter: Frank Alessio
The Wolves tranplanted in Yellowstone were not even indiginous to that area. ranchers have spent generations balancing the area only to have it poluted again with predators that are not controlled properly through hunting... What a stupid move... These same people would scream like hell if the government came to there homes and reintroduced Crab grass...

Commenter: adam from Wisconsin
Wolves in the upper midwest and wolves in the upper rockies should both be hunted without regulation at least until numbers are reduced in a big way.

Commenter: Roger
The only people who want wolves to be protected are the ones who don't know any better.

Commenter: Wyatt Johnson
You should only consider the opinions of those who live in the areas being ravaged by the wolves. If you live in NYC then you don't have a clue. Wolves are indiscriminate killers and need man to control them. I think they ought to release them in Central Park since they once inhabited there also. Let the states that are losing there wildlife and livestock decide since they are the ones being affected. Last I checked the states have biologists on staff.

Commenter: Wil
Wow. I really can't believe how many people here are so out of touch with reality. "People are the problem" even one out of touch fella said to move everyone in large cities. Are you kidding me? Look the wolves are known as a keystone species, however their numbers do need to be put in check. with over 5 times the amount that was decided to be a recovery, obviously the whole ecosystem cant support itself. Sounds to me we need to shoot, poison, trap about 1300. That would benefit ALL the wildlife that you granolas take cute pictures of.

Commenter: Tom
Wolves are having a huge affect on our Elk, Deer, Moose and Bison. They need to be managed and managed now. The following is a one recent report just released.


Date: February 26, 2010 Contact: Ed Mitchell (208) 334-3700

idaho fish and game completes lolo zone elk survey

Recently completed aerial surveys show a marked decline in elk numbers in game management units 10 and 12, which comprise the Lolo Elk Management Zone.

Survey results indicate the elk population in the Lolo Zone has declined from 5,110 to 2,178, a 57-percent reduction since 2006. The greatest declines were observed in numbers of elk cows, calves and spike bulls. Overall, bull numbers were down zone-wide, with a shift in bulls to older animals.

"This survey, combined with ongoing research showing wolves are the primary cause of elk mortality today, is further scientific evidence of the impact wolves are having," Fish and Game Director Cal Groen said. "The rate of this decline in just four short years should help people understand there is an urgency to manage for a balance in this area."

Appropriate management options in response to this latest survey data are being explored.

Wolf predation is the major source of mortality on this elk herd and is affecting population size because too few calves are surviving to replace the adults that die each year. Predation is preventing recovery from a decline that began in the late 1980s and a steep decline following the severe winter of 1996-97.

This survey information corroborates ongoing research being conducted in the Lolo Zone that shows survival of radio-collared adult elk and six-month-old calves has been poor. Modeling efforts based on research survival data estimate declines of 11 to 15 percent annually.

Idaho Fish and Game's aerial surveys of most elk zones are conducted on a three- to five-year rotation. Surveys provide estimates of the size of the population as well as demographic data, such as numbers of elk cows, calves and bulls.

We are so very close to losing this herd completely. Fish & Game has performed prescribed burns in this area, has allowed for double bear tags, and has spent alot of time trying to help this herd get back on its feet. For those that don't know, this is the herd that F&G wanted to help out by thinning the wolf population in the area, but the feds told them they couldn't...............

Please join me and purchase your wolf tag today they are a cunning game animal whose pelt makes a great trophy.

Commenter: Alan Two Bear
I am truly amazed at how clueless the general population of this country is. The vast majority on responses make silly emotional arguments to a biological problem. First, wolves do kill for sport as a matter of routine, and it is well documented all over the rocky mountains. Last year in Dillion, MT wolves killed 120 sheep and left them to rot in the hot midday sun. Wolves do not belong in Montana anymore then they belong in Central Park. We live here, we see them, we live in the mountains. We Montanans don't need a bunch of liberal bleeding heart tree huggers telling us how to manage our wildlife. We don't need some fellow sitting on his couch in Manhatten telling us here on the mountain what is best for us. We have watched the wolf decimate moose/elk/deer populations here, and we are sick of it.

Commenter: Heritage
The reality is that the Canadian Grey Wolf is not endangered and never was. These animals in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho have exploded in range and population just as the wildlife "professionals" knew they would. The evidence is becoming overwhelming that this uncontroled predator growth is having big negative consequences for game populations. Deer and elk populations in many wolf populated parts of Montana are now way below objective. I dont think the wildlife agencies have a clue about what is happening to the moose populations. Good luck seeing a moose on your next trip to Montana!

Most people in Montana value the oportunity to hunt and stock their freezers with big game over the opportunity to see a wolf. This hunter opportunity is becoming rapidly diminished because of expading wolf populations. So the user group that pays for 99% of all wildlife management is taking it in the shorts. Montana is about the people that live here to, not just the nations predator preserve. I believe these animals should never have been allowed to expand out of the Park.

Commenter: Gina W.
The wolves have been the most persecuted animals in our nations history. It is obvious that through ignorance and upbringing this magnificent creature has been regarded as a pest for centuries. Wolves are apex predators important to the ecosystem. They have been part of the natural balance for thousands of years. Our government should be ashamed. How can the wolves have a fair chance at survival with a CATTLE RANCHER in charge of their fate. What a joke people!!! I hope the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, is fired for his incompetence to support Federal Law (Endangered Species Act) and his apparent bias with regards to the wolves. In my opinion, he is directly responsible for the murder of innocent and endangered animals. Ken Salazar should be ashamed of hisself!!!

Commenter: Eric S.
Humans need population control. This is the source of the problem. At what point will we begin to limit our own expansion. China does it now through the government. When wolf populations exceed the available prey source their numbers will naturally decline. The human population will likely follow suit. We will exceed our ability to feed our populations and our numbers will decline. While we attempt to control our environment by protecting or killing wolves we fail to recognize the paralell between us. Let the wolves live their lives as we chose to live ours.

Commenter: las
Wolves are the most prolific of all large predators- they certainly don't need "protection" - other than good game management- in Alaska, Canada, and in the Rocky Mt West, where they have re-established/been re-introduced. They are no where near "endangered" in any of these areas, so don't deserve the rating. State/Provincial governments are fully capable of managing wolf densities - or hell - just put Ed Bangs in charge. He's a sensible, balanced biologist. And a good guy to drink with, or hunt with, wolf hat on or off.

Dr. Stringham and I have somewhat differing views on what constitutes good "wolf/prey management", but then he's smarter than I am... and his opinions/critiques are well worth listening to, and possibly implementing, at least in some situations.

One size does not fit all throughout the wolf's habitat/range...

Commenter: Ted Gorsline
Reintroduce wolves to their original range but once they are etablished hunt them at a level sufficient to keep them afraid of people. Otherwise you are going to have problems with them.

In Algonquin Park in Ontario they used to hunt wolves and had no problem with them. Now they protect them and encourage passive interaction with people and there have been five attacks on children.

The Algonquin wolves are little wolves, not big ones such as have been re-introduced into the USA.

Commenter: Jess Carey
It is apparent there are many times the numbers of wolves, breeding pairs, and packs to de-list these Canadian wolves long ago according to recovery plans.

If there was an accurate account on wolves in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming they would probably number well over 6,000.

If wolves numbers go unchecked, there is a massive decline in wildlife and a major loss to family ranchers. Common sense would dictate a low impact managed population, not an unchecked, uncontrolled number.

In many places the elk cow/calve ratio in so low that the elk herds cannot sustain herd viability.
Check out:

"The principal reason for the crashing elk populations is undoubtedly the introduction of wolves in 1995, and the subsequent explosion of the wolf population'.

This wolf program has little to do with science, it is steered by pro-wolf lawsuits.

If the wolves bred to 100,000, spreading into every state in the U.S., the pro-wolf people would still want to protect it even if it devastated all wildlife.

What will happen when the Canadian wolf disperses into New Mexico and cross-breeds into the Mexican Gray Wolf? A claimed genetically separate and distinct wolf subspecies? Would this crossbreeding not destroy the genetics of such a claimed rare animal? Would this mean the Mexican wolf would be no more or just a Canadian wolf hybrid?

In New Mexico;

Wolves kill by consumption, they eat their prey alive. This has been documented many many times. Some livestock get up and travel a long distance after Mexican wolves have fed upon them. Some have maggots in the eaten out area, rectum and female opening of the rear end. They have lived 4 to 6 days before being found alive.

Mexican Wolves do not stay in the wilderness, in over 300 investigation half were on private property. Mexican wolves are extremely habituated to humans and humans use areas and seek out such.

You have no idea of the devastation wolves do until you see it for yourself.

I'm sure it makes no matter to a lot of you, and the more damage wolves do to family ranchers and children the more you like it.

Jess Carey
Catron County Wolf Interaction Investigator

Commenter: J.Senol
To "de-list" a specific population, the population is supposed to be monitored for at least 5 years, according to the Endangered Species Act. Removing timber wolf populations from federal protection has almost proven, in less than 5 years, that certain states cannot cooperate and handle the responsibility of monitoring populations without immediately declaring "open season".
Sadly, it comes down to whoever throws the most money to the state, wins. Wolves, bears, bison and elk lose. FYI: nature extends beyond the borders of Yellowstone National Park. Don't tell me that citizens of these states didn't expect the animals to leave the boundaries of the National Park and wander into their property. Re-Evaluate, Re-Think and retract de-listing until these states can get their act together.

Commenter: Chris
Hey Mike Schumacher! Why don't all you country boy learn how to spell. Spend more time on the Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, and poking your cows.

Commenter: Chris
For some strange reason, people in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho think they have a "God given" right to encroach on land that was occupied by wolves way before man stepped foot on this continent. Got a problem with co-existing with wolves? Move someplace else. It's their territory, not yours!

Commenter: Rob Robinsen
Sad they were ever reintroduced.
Even sader they are not shot on sight.

Commenter: Elks
this should not be an issue at all. the wolves are running amuck. they are killing dogs, livestock, and even been seen watching/stalking children at bus stops, etc. They should have never been brought back to the lower 48. it was a stupid idea and a gross violation of states rights. Now they have exceeded the population goals, they are growing less cautious of man and will only be a matter of time until we end up killing more than we have saved. It is time the federal government reverse the gross injustice it has done to the citizens of the states now infected with these killing machines.

For those that think it is just nature, it is not. They will eat themselves out of house and home. The northern rockies are too over populated now, winter ranges barely provide prey animals with the food needed. As other have mentioned let em loose in your back yard, live with the results. Stop making us live with your poor choices.

Commenter: joe
it is amazing to live in wild country (wyoming)
that still is wild enough to support the wildlife
folks from all over the world come to see and enjoy.
amny of these folks and alot that ahve posted here when it comes to the real nature and how fragile that balance is.
fact#1 hunting is a management tool
in the fragmented ecosystems of today all wildlife number have to be managed,regardless of the emotion surrounding.without management all wildlife is in danger over population and massive dieoffs.
there is not enough habitat to suport unmanaged populations.
fact#2 the exploding wolf populations are having a
serious negitive effect on wildlife populations
there is much evidence that the uncontrolled numbers of wolves are causing the colaspe of prey animals
and the result if fewer wolves,as the prey animals decline the wolf packs are venturing farther into each other packs homerange and territories
causing wolf on wolf mortality.
these animals will fight to the death to protect their homeranges
and evidence in YNP support this,in 2008 there were 69 wolf on wolf kills and at the same time the prey base had shrunk to all time lows in the history of YNP.
to the folks here that call for the protection of the wolf
you are not doing the wolf or any of the other species represented here in the west any favors and this attitude will cause much harm to the wildlife we both love.
all wildlife require management and to do less will cause the extinction of many of these wonderful creatures.
it is a delicate and fragile balance and to disrupt the management of wildlife by protecting a said species over the value of another borders on criminal
wildlife cannot be managed with the heart it HAS to be managed using real science.
in 1995 there were a counted 19,500 elk in the northern region of YNP
this yr the winter count is 2236
this is a small window of the big picture.
the hunting of the wolf to control the impact it has and will have in these island ecosystems is the only responsible thing to do.
we were responsible enough to reintroduce them into histric ranges, now we have manage their numbers to control the impact.
it will not be the "rabid pro" nor the "rabid anti"
that gets this done,it will be all of us in the middle that can understand "sound science" as the only tool for the job.

Commenter: John Brown
The wolf restoration in the Rocky Mountains was a poorly concieved project from the beginning. The Bush administration was correct in returning authority to individual states in deciding what management practices would be best. The emotional outcry of uneducated people demanding that the wolf be protected at all costs is just another chapter in the book of animal rights advocates illogical concepts. The devastation upon the deer and elk herds, not to mention livestock, due to the reintroduction of the wolf will take years to overcome if it can be done at all.
We have enough Federal government envolved in our lives as it is. We don't want or need anymore!

Commenter: Diego
I see a lot of you talking about balance and I am surprised that you say the wolf will thin the deer heard but who will control the wolf packs? We so called ignorant hunters don't want them hunted to extinction just to control the population which is why there are set quotas in states that took then off the endangered list. ANd those quotas were set by wildlife people and biologists who agree on keeping the packs in check.

Commenter: Predator Hunter
"Commenter: Maria Martin
Is hunting a "sport"??? God! We must learn to respect what was given to us as a gift. Killing for killing is not sport, it's barbarism. Not even animals do it. They kill for food, to feed themself."

Here's a perfect example of someone who thinks are dogs and can cuddle up to you on the couch.

Yep, they just kill for food. Some people just don't have a clue.

Commenter: Rachelle
WHO IS THE OBAMA or Salizar or whatever his name is to say that only 300 wolves are all we need?? That they are not really going to go anywere? I think by any means necessary is cruel..I don't even want to think what some mean, ignorant person will do! Shame on you!!!

Commenter: Paul
I promise to help all wolves exactly 175 grains at a time..

Commenter: jim lee
This is what you get for voting for Obama he lied about everything so do you think he would stop here.I didn't drink the cool-aid when it came to the big vote to elect him and President Pelosi.

Commenter: mike tylor
Wolves need to be managed like any other game or the populatuion is going to grow and there will be nothing for them to eat and are going more live stock.I live in the city but it is only logical to manage wolves like any other preditor and do we really need that many wolves, I would think we should have more elk and hunt them for meat.

Commenter: mike trautman
I think they should have controled hunts to manage the parks for elk and the wolves.I think it is a bad idea to have wolves in any ranching area and let hunters manage the elk population.

Commenter: cale
The "Canadian Grey Wolf" is not even native to the lower 48 states. Timber wolves are. Its great that they reintroduced a moose and caribou predator. I'm sure the deer love it and the elk have got to be so happy as well. They aren't just in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming anymore either. They are moving to Oregon, Washington and I'm sure they will go anywhere else they can kill. They dont just kill to feed the pack, they will kill for sport. They will kill bucks and bulls, they dont just target the sick or weak. I wish we could release them in your cities and watch you change your minds in a hurry. Kill em all, save the other species they are decimateing.

Commenter: Julia Bertapelle
Quite frankly, Obama is an idiot. He's in several people's pocket and anyone with any sense knows it. He's crooked, stupid and not good for our country or our wildlife. I wish he had never been elected and I pray that the people have learned what he really iss and won't vote for him again in the next election.

Commenter: Mary ANn Bonic
Hunters should only be able to hunt wolves with no electronic equipment, no high powered weapons, no helicopters, airplanes, no group sponsorship.

Commenter: Ginger & Fritz Bachem
We firmly support federal protection of wolves until they reach the 2000 to 3000 population levels to insure genetic viability.

The delisting was based upon ranching and hunting politics, not science. The reduction of grazing animals, both domestic and wild, would benefit our stream banks and the natural balance between animals and plants. A reduction in meat consumption would also benefit human health by reducing cardiovascular disease, colon cancer and our epidemic of obesity.

We are the sickest developed country in the world and so is our environment due to our rejection of scientific knowledge. The wolf delisting is just another example.

Commenter: tammie
Everyone has an opinion. Wolves are necessary, wolves are harmful.
The worst thing that has happened to our planet is humans.
Nature can take care of itself if people will butt out. Nature has a perfect balance whih people have managed to ruin possibly beyond repair.
Shame on us.

Commenter: Kevin Watson
Please Stop this Non-Native invasive species....They are Going to kill someone. Hopefully Not a child. If they do kill a human, you can bet we will use YOUR Names published here to charge YOU people that introduced this species, and support their cause of Eco-Terrorism, with MURDER.

We are done with the Politics Game Here. We are moving to pass laws to protect our local citizens affected by the incompetence of People involved in this Scam of the American Public. Murder may sound like a tough Word Now, Wait till YOUR name is Called upon to have these charges brought up on YOU.

God forbid it may be a child that is killed first, but it is apparent that most of you don't care about our children anyway. Believe that this is a real threat to our children. Don't believe me? just Google .

Commenter: richard stoike
very good shows about the environment and nature.
we must do more to preserve it.

lets do a report about the japanese killing all the sharks, called finning about 85 million a year to make
shark fin soup!!!

also a story about the killing of cats and dogs in china!!!

Commenter: Liz Harrison
Thanks for covering this important subject to the northern Rockies and America

Commenter: Kevin Watson
Please Save our Elk and Deer from this Non-Native invasive species...

When all the Prey species are gone, what is left but Humans. Don't be fooled by the Wolf Advocates. Our Children's lives are soon to be in danger.

Here is an article showing these wolves are running out of a natural prey base....

Here is an article showing the wolf is becoming Human-Habituated ...

Please America, Read the Truth about these wolves, Not the propaganda presented by Wolf Advocates.

Commenter: Deborah Simpson
Wolf advocates strongly oppose the administrations decision saying the three states in the region, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming need a cohesive management plan that allows for a much larger wolf population. "It was very disappointing when Secretary Salazar in the Obama Administration, signed off on this rushed-through Bush administration delisting package for wolves," said Doug Honnold, a lawyer with Earthjustice, who is representing conservation groups challenging the government's decision.

Commenter: Chris
You pro-wolf people make me want to puke. You talk about this like you have a clue. Go back to your city and mind your own business.

Commenter: Sharon Hambley
Secretary Salazar owns ranch property in Colorado. He, therefore, has a massive CONFLICT OF INTEREST while he continues to hold his office.

It is amazing to me that he is allowed to continue to hold his office in the Department of the Interior.

He continues to allow Bush administration policies on Endangered Species--he has little or no concern for our precious wildlife. By continuing to support these Bush policies, I believe that he is committing malfeasance of office.

I believe that Secretary Salazar should resign rather than continue to hold an office in which he advocates destruction of our animals from our National Parks and Forests. We, the people, should continue to enjoy the wild animals in our National Parks and National Forests.

Commenter: brett rolfson
Why stop at Idaho, Montana and Wyoming for wolf re-introduction. Wouldn't it be O.K. to re-introduce the wolves to Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, etc.??? That used to be their range as well as the western states. I'd be willing to support that!

Commenter: brett rolfson
Why stop at Idaho, Montana and Wyoming for wolf re-introduction. Wouldn't it be O.K. to re-introduce the wolves to Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, etc.??? That used to be their range as well as the western states. I'd be willing to support that!

Commenter: jay sharpe
The only problem with wolves is 'ranchers' they have a right to live I wounder how some of these ignorant people would feel if it was decided that there were too many of then and had a hunt to reduce there population. As for the Governor of Idaho, personally i think they should declare a session on politions I would defenitly sine up for that one!
I also do not think there should be 'trophy' hunting
and any hunting should be limited to bows, and spears, give the game a chance, when some beer drinking yahoo wants to prove his 'manhood' let him go after the bear, or what ever with a regular compound boe or a spear, and will see who hangs on whose 'wall'.

Commenter: George
First of all it is not Rocky Mountain National Park. It's called Yellowstone National Park and you should visit it before you comment about "us" needing to save the wolves. You don't even know what "us" is. And the problem is not just in Yellowstone. The wolves need to be kept in check before they destroy the wildlife population. You used to be able to see many wildlife forms in Yellowstone, but since the wolves have been re-introduced that number has decreased drastically. What will the wolves eat when the elk are gone? What will they eat when the Moose are gone? The raccoons will even be gone and the wolves will be left with no choice but to move into the areas where people are. Yes animals were here first but does that mean wolves have the right to come into your city now? They will be there once all the elk are gone and regulation is stopped. Set your children out on the steps cuz' they will be hungry after they finish off all the raccoons. Who fights for the rights of Elk while everyone is fighting for the rights of wolves? What happens when the last of the Moose species are old and dying? Is that when someone fights for "Survival of the Moose?" It shouldn't have to get to that point.

Commenter: Rick
I was shocked to read mis-information below that Brucellosis doesn't exist in wild bison and the Yellowstone bison herds. WRONG... Brucellosis is actually a very dangerous abortive disease to wildlife, livestock, and humans. While working an outbreak in Oregon 20 years ago one of our veterinary technicians contracted and blood tested positive for the disease. The insidious part of Brucellosis pathology is that it can skip a generation before becoming virulent again. Know the facts and please don't spread rubbish.

The Canadian Veterinary: A survey of brucellosis and tuberculosis in bison in and around Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada:
ABSTRACT: "Examinations of complete or partial remains of 72 bison found dead in and around Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada, revealed evidence of brucellosis in 18 (25%) and tuberculosis in 15 (21%), with a combined prevalence of 42%. Urease-positive and ureasenegative strains of Brucella abortus biovar 1, and strains of biovar 2, were isolated from tissues of bison, including synovium and exudate from severe arthritic lesions. Mycobacterium bovis was isolated from a range of granulomatous lesions that were similar to those reported in tuberculous cattle. Diseased bison had a broad geographical distribution, and were found outside the park on at least three natural corridors. The diseases have a deleterious effect on this population of bison, and pose a health risk to other bison herds and livestock."

Journal of Wildlife Diseases: Pathology of Brucellosis in Bison from Yellowstone National Park; ABSTRACT: "Between February 1995 and June 1999, specimens from seven aborted bison (Bison bison) fetuses or stillborn calves and their placentas, two additional placentas, three dead neonates, one 2-wk-old calf, and 35 juvenile and adult female bison from Yellowstone National Park (USA) were submitted for bacteriologic and histopathologic examination. One adult animal with a retained placenta had recently aborted. Serum samples from the 35 juvenile and adult bison were tested for Brucella spp. antibodies. Twenty-six bison, including the cow with the retained placenta, were seropositive, one was suspect, and eight were seronegative. Brucella abortus biovar 1 was isolated from three aborted fetuses and associated placentas, an additional placenta, the 2-wk-old calf, and 11 of the seropositive female bison including the animal that had recently aborted. Brucella abortus biovar 2 was isolated from one additional seropositive adult female bison. Brucella abortus was recovered from numerous tissue sites from the aborted fetuses, placentas and 2-wk-old calf. In the juvenile and adult bison, the organism was more frequently isolated from supramammary (83%), retropharyngeal (67%), and iliac (58%) lymph nodes than from other tissues cultured."

Commenter: Brian Lord
U really shouldn't just jump to one side or the other without considering the pro's and con's of both sides of this issue or any serious one. It's just to bad we have so many people that try to brain wash each other and alot of people who can't think for themselves. On issues about what's good as a whole for wildlife and us and such.
I say listein to this scientists in general let the data speak for itself if there is plently which it sounds like there is. To back up the wolves need to be left alone until a proper managment system can be put in place.

Commenter: karen lyons kalmenson
i am a wolf by karen lyons kalmenson
i am a wolf and before you came
i ran safe and free
now all that's changed
my land is gone
my numbers stunted
by so many people
who too much hunted
down my packs
for trophy and sport
or because this was
their way to cavort
this was my land before you came
now things can never be the same

Commenter: Pete
Excellent basic information that top predators like wolves create healthy ecosystems. But that is Bio-101 stuff every first year wildlife biologist knows. And anyone awake in HS science class remembers. My concern is an increase in educated idiots out there, with an "all or none" ideology. Our ecosystem is always 'dynamic' and sometimes cyclic. Nature hates stagnation, and will not tolerate it long. "Picture postcard" ecosystems don't really exist, except in someone's mind. Functioning ecosystems are really messy and sometimes very nasty places with beautiful sunrises and bloody dog-eat-dog afternoons.

So what do you do when a wolf grabs and drags an eight year old into the forest? Happened just north of my place. What do you do when there is a cougar on your driveway and the kid needs to walk to the school bus stop? I'm at work early one day and my phone rings. My son can't leave the house because there is a bear is in our carport. We had two wolf attacks in our town. One killed the pet dog inside it's doghouse, a block away another pet dog was killed inside it's owners garage. Yes, reality is there someplace and it isn't a picture postcard of pristine ecosystems. That mental image is a farce.

Answer in support of NOW wolf-human ecosystem viewpoint is to always remember "humans are the top predator". BUT, our status as top predator comes with responsibility to control and manage our effect on our ecosystem, not to ignore or have zero influence on our ecosystem. Balance must include human 'dog-eat-dog' impacts too or the wolf-human ecosystem will loose in the end. We must manage human ecosystem interaction, not ban it.

Commenter: s. Bell
I am ashamed of what was done to the American Bison.
Please, I ask, don't let similar happen to our wolves and our natural wilderness.
EXAMPLE excerpt below:
Some U.S. government officials even promoted the destruction of the bison herds as a way to defeat their Native American enemies, who were resisting the takeover of their lands by white settlers. One Congressman, James Throckmorton of Texas, believed that "it would be a great step forward in the civilization of the Indians and the preservation of peace on the border if there was not a buffalo in existence." Soon, military commanders were ordering their troops to kill buffalo -- not for food, but to deny Native Americans their own source of food. One general believed that buffalo hunters "did more to defeat the Indian nations in a few years than soldiers did in 50." By 1880, the slaughter was almost over. Where millions of buffalo once roamed, only a few thousand animals remained. Soon, their numbers dwindled, with the largest wild herd -- just a few hundred animals -- sheltered in the isolated valleys of the newly created Yellowstone National Park. As American Buffalo shows, it is from this tattered remnant that people are today trying to rebuild the once mighty buffalo nation.

Commenter: Vicky Randall
Its nice to have wolves, but, there needs to be a population control. There should be only 150 wolves to be allowed to roam the forests of Wisconsin. There are 636 wolves in our forests of WI at this time. This is way to many wolves. And as with any other animal that is out of control, as when the bear, deer etc., a hunting season to reduce the numbers is put in place. There is no need to tax the people of WI to have scientists determine the need to reduce the population of wolves, common sense dictates the need. Bear, deer and other smaller animals are hunted for meat to eat, their meat is better than going to a store to buy domesticated animals to eat. To each their preference of meat. I do agree with the fact that the wolves should be taken off of the endangered species list, there are far too many of them, not just in my state but in other states as well.

Commenter: Ellen Stein
My only comment is that I am so disappointed and disgusted with the new president and sooooo sorry that I worked for him and helped get him elected. He has done nothing to help our endangered wildlife, will not help stop the wolf killings, he will not help the endangered polar bears and NOW he's planning to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. I guess Shell Oil gave him a lot of money to sway his thinking. I cannot believe he is a democrat. He's going right down the republican party line.

Commenter: Ed Wilson
I am the grandson of New Mexico homesteaders and no amount of theory about how beautiful wolves are in their natural habitat can match the fear and dread that a pack of these predators can stab into your heart when alone walking home in a darkened wood.

Human beings come first, period. ...Ed Wilson

Commenter: dk bell
We need to go to the Obama website and launch massive petitions, protests, and requests, and let President Obama know we are for saving our wildlife and the wolves of the Northern Rockies.

Commenter: Patty LaCava
-Stop supporting the beef industry. Bison ranchers are more accepting of the wolves.
We need to support farming animals that can co-exist with the wolves. Boycott Beef! Eat more Bison!
-Also the use of guarding dogs with sheep interupts the wolves stalking pattern and saves the sheep. (Reference: Dogs by Raymond and Lorna Coppenger)
Educate the ranchers in methods to co-exist.
-The Rabies vaccanation for wolves and wolf-dog mixes is also a issue. Although the research has been done the Farm Bureau fights a FDA ok. Resolving this issue would help. Wolves could be vaccanated as are the coyotes along the Mexican border therefor elimanating another excuse to kill wolves.
-See the other side. How would you feel if your dog or cat was killed by a wolf?

Commenter: Colleen Caldwell
I object to your blaming Obama for removing the wolves from the endangered species list. It was President Bush who screwed it up with the help of the US Fish and Wildlife service.

This maybe considered an "error" when it comes to the blame of President Obama but it makes me wonder how many other lies are being told.

Commenter: Rev. Dr. Karla Potter
Man has to quit killing off the wild animals for personal gain. God created them and had a purpose in mind when doing so. We are killing the plant, so they should be able to enjoy what we have not yet destroyed before they too are killed off by our own arrogance. If we do not stop soon our own children will never have the joy of seeing them other then in picture books. Hold it that too is going away,. I mean on the internet. All living creatures have a right to remain here as long as there is still a world to live on.

Commenter: Ben
Why is it the "Bush" plan under the Bush administration but the "Salazar" plan under the Obama administration. Shouldn't it be called the "Obama" plan? People can't give the new administration a free pass just because they like the president or voted for him. Ultimately it's Obama not Salazar who is in charge.

Commenter: kareng
I live in a city - can drive 45 min to see cows, horses and sheep... had to drive 12 hours to another country to see a wolf in the wild. Ranchers unable to live with all nature has to offer should hang it up and leave our public land. Boycott beef!

Commenter: Hunt
They are not talking about making wolves extinct. Its called population control. For those tree huggers that dont understand everything in the world needs to be balanced and thats what this whole situation is about. Speaking of population control I think we should just kill the old people that are living on an air supply and costing the U.S. money. Really would you want to live that way. We should have a human and wildlife.. Not allow people to have more than 2 children. If your sick or unable to use a limb properly, you should be put down.

Commenter: Lili
Wolves should continue to be protected. I think it's barbaric to kill for sport. We should protect wildlife and their habitat. If we don't do what we can to protect these species who will, how are they going to survive.

Commenter: Aaron
The State's DWR's have done a great job managing wildlife populations without federal intervention. The wolf would have a better chance with the help of hunters dollars to maintain open spaces. It seams like ant-hunting groups need to practice what they preach by giving back with donations to there local DWR's. Here in Utah I see the hypocrisy first hand with bird watchers outnumbering bird hunters 500 to 1 enjoying the use of the bird refuges that hunter dollars have paid for.

Commenter: Anna Wells
Wolves propose no threat to people. If people would stop hunting elk and other prey, the wolves would be able to thrive peacefully. Humans are meddling with the populations and need to back out before they completely destroy the natural cycle of things.

Commenter: M. Kitchen
The Creationists' belief system clearly implies that mankind is to protect and steward the environment. In God's creation there is to be no death.

The Evolutionists' belief system clearly indicates that it doesn't matter what any species does, since it is just the natural order of things.

These two camps are diametrically opposed and can never reconcile. The basic concept of "God good, devil bad", dictates that Christians decide which side they are on.

At the end of the day, and regardless of what was allowed after the flood, if you follow God, you're going to be a vegetarian. There is no need for cattle.

If you are on the other side, silly laws won't stop your desire to kill. It is natural and part of nature. If we exterminate everything and ourselves as well, that's just the way it is. So why hold back? Why take the joy and fun and self-fulfillment out of life?

The idea that there are all sorts of combinations of these two camps are not really true, and that idea is simply adding to the confusion. There are only two legitimate sides. So make up your minds already! You can't have it both ways. Until conservationists decide which side they are on, they are adding to the confusion.

Commenter: wolf lover
my name is wolf lover and I need me eight wolf
loving soldiers.

we're gonna be doing one thing and one thing only
killing anyone who hates wolfs and anyone who
kills them.

these wolf killers kill them by poisoining their
food killing them for sport killing the babies
and by airel hunting and thats excatly what we're
gonna do to them.

we will be cruel to these stupid wolf killers and
through our cruelty they will know who we are
and when these wolf killers go to sleep at night
and they're tortured by their subconicous by the
evil they have done it will be with thoughts of us
they are tortured with.

these wolf poachers will be sickened by us these
wolf poachers will talk about us and these wolf
poachers will fear us.

these stupid sick wolf poachers aint got no
humanity they're the footsoldiers of the stupid
coldhearted sarah pailin and they need to be

each and every man under my command owes me one
hundred wolf poachers scalps.

and I want my scalps!

sound good?


Commenter: Paul J Conroy Sr
I do believe that the numbers in the Yellowstone Area are Far from safe from extinction. And that this is more bad polices,then it is given to scienctific fact.For these animals once roamed the entire Northern American Hemishpere. Yes can they and do they attack cattle,and other domesticated animals i do not doubt that fact nor contest it. For cattle are no more then domesticated bison which also once roamed better then 35% of the country. Which brings me to the point ever since we came to this land mass we have decided we are better then those who were here first and have taken over like a plague. WHY cant we as supposedly the head of the food chain and logical creatures let work as stewards of this land as our fore farthers did with in these lands. For we took no more then the land could give,worked in balance with it,respected it,and gave praise to it.Now it seems like and has been since the early 1800s that we have a right to walk over it and give nothing back and to not keep it in good health.That goes for the ENTIRE ENVIROMENT the land,water and animals on it.For nature has a way to balance it self out and does so but we keep changing the rules on what it tries to govern it self by.Does there need to be a balance and control yes but does it need to be done by politicians and self centered groups that see the wolves as a demon and not part of natures natrual check and balances in it I say NO.
And yes I do hunt,fish,totally enjoy the outdoors.But also I take resposibllity for my actions out there.Like the Native Americans and the Boyscouts both which are part of my bloodlines and how i was raised I try to leave no foots prints on where i am at. And I take care of the woods I am at;I give time and work out in the areas I hunt and fish with a gentle hand,scientific knowledge, giving back to the land for the sake of giving.For the bounty,pleasure and gifts That the Lady Mother Earth has given us. And i feel people have forgotten it is cause of her that we live and survive on Her and not the other way around.
We as a culture,society,and as a race the human race need to realize this and till we do the downward spiral we are on is not going to change.Politics,Greed,Fear,and Blindness in this matter is not going to help anyone in this or in other issues that need to be addressed.And i feel that this is just a first step on the wrong path that we are headed down.

Commenter: LoriProPhoto
Unfortunately President Obama's elected official Ken Salazar (or Sala Czar as we like to call him) is an abysmal failure as the leader of the Department of the Interior. If you think that it is just the wolves that are affected by his total disregard for nature, try looking into his shenanigans where the Wild Mustangs are concerned. Unfortunately the politicians of today are too consumed with self preservation (hiding their dirty little secrets), their mistresses and extra marital affairs and lining their already bulging pockets to care about our endangered animals or any other wild creature for that matter!!!

Commenter: ray
wolves was killed because they were killing livestock and PEOPLE and they will again but that won't make any differnce to the wolf lover's because they won't be there.

Commenter: Margrit
I live in Denver, Colorado and coyotes are everywhere around here, absconding with cats and small dogs all the time. My sister lives on Cape Cod and tells me the same thing is true there. Somehow coyotes seem to get more protection than the stately and endangered wolf and I don't understand why. The wolf is getting a bad deal and I can't believe that anyone would think that 100 of them per state is a "safe" level for recovery. (PS - I don't like that I have to keep my cat inside, but I don't believe in killing coyotes either.)

Commenter: E. Christianson
Protection of wolves as an endangered specias must continue. Managing the wolf population, where and when it may sometimes become necessary, has to be left to professional wildlife personnel. Are there occasional problem individual wolves which cannot be safely and effectively captured and relocated to a safer location? Yes. Are trophy hunters and closed-minded wolf-haters appropriate people to be turned loose to kill indiscriminately, slaughtering probably the healthiest and best individuals needed for survival in the wolf populations? Absolutely not! Provide sufficient funding to hire and support knowledgeable and dedicated honest biologists and wildlife managers and leave the management of the packs to them.

Commenter: daisy
This was excellent. I am sharing this everywhere.
Thank you. I am very concerned that this show will end because of excellent work like this. We will regress if we don't have information like this.

Commenter: audrey
We need a more forward-thinking candidate to replace the current Sec. Ken Salazar.

Commenter: Dusty Domino aka-Gary Simmons
They were early man's first: Man's best friend, just as their cousins still are today. Our government, turned them into pests in the early 1900's. Paid people for their skins. Shot them from planes (thats not any kind of hunting,-thats cowardice) and are doing the same now. Killing them and using poison gas on the pups in the den - using choppers - more effective than planes. So this is what we let be done, in OUR name. If you ever had a good Dog, you know he would have died for you! - is this how we should payback all that love & loyalty?...Wait..I forgot, this is America 2010. That's why what their doing doesn't suprise me. I expected better out of Obama.

Commenter: jan eaker
I believe that President Obama is failing wildlife in this country. Wolves are an essential part of a healthy wild ecosystem. I believe that this administration is allowing special interest lobbies, particularly the ranching industry, to dictate many of his policies regarding wild life. Species such as wolves, bison, mountain lions and wild horses are being sacrificed to make more room for cattle. Ranchers want predators and other grazing animals eliminated from ranges out west and that seems to be what is happening.

Commenter: Anonymous Because...
I feel that rampant building in what used to be wild areas...needs to be controlled...not the wildlife. The wildlife was here before us. The rampant building...the cities that are just grabbing land...filling in marsh areas that Canada Geese used to use...along the shores on East Coast...they are filling in land that used to be bay and salt water marshes...that created a barrier against storms at sea. Now there are so many homes...that the barrier is no longer there. This same scenario is presenting itself in the NW. The ranchers are picking on the wildlife because they are being invaded with displaced wildlife....shoved aside to make way for Man. Why is there no study about the land that is being developed? Where is the wildlife to go...they are losing their open range. This is happening everywhere...the bird population is down...natural habitat is being destroyed. We need to solve the destruction of habitat also...we need to stop the ranchers that are selling out to developers...thus; decreasing what open area that the wildlife used to be able to share. The ranchers that are fighting for their ranches and the future of their ranches...are also being displaced by the ranchers that are selling out to developers and the people that want to move out of the the country...but they do not want to "rough it" to live the life that beckoned them to move in the first place. Now they move...and want the benefits of the City to be included...paved streets...night did they move out to the Country in the first place? Who is studying this? The developer that builds homes next to a diary farmer...knowing that the smell of manure has been in this area for the homes go up..."they" pass laws...and the next thing the dairy farmer is put out of business. Not fair. What needs to be controlled...are the People. The almighty dollar of greedy developers is at the base of this problem. People cannot survive if we destroy the delicate balance of nature...between civilization and nature. Science before culture...people are not even aware of the difficulties presented to wildlife in a perpetual struggle to the ever-expanding growth of civilization. Teach conservation in schools. Instead the schools are taking away courses like Geography...heavens...this is wrong. Education of the people. Teaching peaceful coexistence...between humans and wildlife. We have a duty to leave a legacy to our grandchildren and their grandchildren. What this country needs to close its borders to more people...let the animals be FREE. Set a precedent..if the wolves are allowed to be hunted and destroyed...the grizzlies, and all wildlife...then the strong arm of the Govt will impose an unfair ruling in all states. The ranchers lived with the wolves for is the developers and their uncontrolled building and snatching land that is driving wildlife into areas that used to be open...and are no longer open to them. People are the problem...not the wildlife. We must learn to live in harmony with Nature...not destroy it. What would happen if we decided to cull the sick and worthless humans just as quickly as they want to destroy the wildlife that was here long before MAN ever entered these areas? Nobody ever suggests they? Thank you for your fighting to save the wildlife. Keep up the good fight. The weather is changing and putting an added burden on and water are being lost...for both man and nature. There have to be some of us...the people that are 100% for the wildlife...because for each one of us for the wildlife there are 1000s of people against the wildlife. I support and hope that those of us that are for the preservation of wildlife can find a balance between the negative and the positive...and it is a shame...that the government can waive their mighty arm of power...and zap....the termination of so much wildlife will be destroyed. Before helicopters and snowmobiles...the animals had a what chance to they have? Just as criminals take the lives of humans...I do not see the government making rules and killing men that kill others...but the wolves...they are being considered such terible animals...I think man is the horrible animal...and the government needs to stop throwing stones at glass windows...and clean up their act before they attack an animal that has no protection to protect itself. Keep up the good work...and I hope that you win...and keep all the animals on the Endangered Species List. Tell the government to protect our borders from all the illegal immigrants that are pouring into the country daily...and stop allowing people to reproduce and get on welfare rolls. Why is wildlife so viciously attacked...simple...they cannot protect themselves. Well stop the people...the wild animals should have a Bill of Rights also. Who is to say that a wolf does not have the same rights as a human...God created us all equal...the animals too. I am sick of the Mexicans that come here...and we do nothing. But we attack the wild animals...does the government not have some of its priorities very much misplaced????? Tell the government to control the illegals coming into this country...then the animals would have enough room to roam.
I had a registered wildlife habitat...that 100 men and 40 fire trucks...allowed to burn...malicious negligence. We had a 15,000 gallon swimming pool...and a huge pond...they said they could not "suck"...and they could not "spray". Had they not entered our land...we would have saved it all ourselves. The firemen and the "govt" killed the baby pheasants, mallards, quail, and fox and destroyed the fish, frogs, and turtles and snakes...we tried our best to protect. Your taxes pay for firemen and the police for "protection"...Ha! Wake up America...and fight back. These men did nothing...and we had it saved...they destroyed us. Do NOT allow the government to get away with this...we the people have lost so many freedoms...this is just the start...fight not allow this to happen...the government is out of control...and if the ranchers lost everything to the government...their attitude may change also. So please stand up for the rights of the wildlife...we were just a single family and were outnumbered. If we all stand together as a united front...perhaps we will have a chance of winning. Complacency will not work...everyone must fight...for what is right. I was up against a billionaire developer and the City with my wildlife habitat...I lost and was harassed also. This was an unfair battle...such as this... for keeping animals on Endangered List. If you allow this...they...the government will not be stopped. The foreign ships...Korea, China, Russia,etc...are raping our oceans...and the Coast Guard has no rights to keep them out of US waters. Now the government wants to attack defenseless creatures...Leave The Wolves Alone...and go get the People! Thank you.

Commenter: Nandia Black
Wolves serve a vital role in the balance of wildlife and deserve federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. Without such protection their very survival is severely jeopardized. What a shame it would be to loose such beautiful animals whose very essence captures the American spirit. We can do better.

Commenter: Laurie
We rescued a wolf while living in California and had her for 12 years. I agree with most readers that wolves have a right to live in their habitat and be protected, just as much as anything else. Can more be relocated to another State?

I do feel bad for the ranchers. They have a living to make, also, but I believe we really need to think our options through before we start exterminating them again.

They are so loyal to their packs and take care fo their own.

Commenter: John Phillips

Apparently, Brucellosis IS capable of being transferred to cattle from bison and further, is communicable to humans in the form of undulant fever which can persist for years, post-infection.

Also, it is the GYA bison (and elk) that have the highest infection rate(s) and last I heard they are not hunted in the park.

There has been a tremendous outpouring of mis-guided emotion and a lack of pragmatic common sense exhibited by many (apparent urbanites) respondents.

Remember, Walt Disney created cartoons...he didn't create anything remotely resembling reality.

Commenter: Mike
Leave the Wolves alone, only thing most humans think of is them selfs.

Commenter: Biff Shank
I to truly think that all gods animals of the forest and lands of the world should live in peace and harmony.They have to be managed in order for that to work, period.If humans were not managed (by law)there would be wars and uncontrolable dieseas the world would not be a safe place to be;imagine it for a moment.My point:if wolves(canadian grey) are not managed thats what will happen to all gods animals of the forest;in time they will all vanish from this eating machine. wolves kill in waves,wether hungrey or not.The flight instinct from the opposing animal triggers the wolves instinct as a pack animal to kill hungry or not.This is fact people, the 6,000 or so wolves that inhabit ore,wa,Idh,mont,wy,are eating there way south,they have killed hundreds of thousands of gods creatures for pleasure,its being documented as we speek. This year it will be put in film format for all the world to see;it will not be for the faint of heart.When they reach the big cities,and they will,it will be be termination regardless.THis Canaidian wolve realy belongs back in the vast far north canada,alaska were it can be managed properly.There are the living and there are the dead,the living can be educated.The Dead well:GOD BLESS THEM!there is some hope that our for fathers of this great country might have taught some folks some real good common sense,apearently not.Political motivation drives the wolve not common sense,if they cant be managed like all other gods creatures they should be removed.Common sense FOLKS,remember native wolves,are timber wolves, not candian grey wolves. By the way who is responsible for all the packs of timber wolves that the non-indig canadian wolves have slaughterd. HUM:SOUNDS LIKE THERE IS A LOT OF STUPID MONEY OUT THERE, and humans.Im being called by the wild;she says theres wolf on the barbie,claims it tastes like chicken wow!!!!! I LOVE CHICKEN i better get some before the wolves get them all.GOD BLESS!!! be open minded.SARA PALIN WILL BE HERE SOON!!!!she will get it working,i here she is a pretty gooooood shot! BAM im out! GET YOUR CCW SOON.>>>>>-O

Commenter: sharryn clark
My family came to Idaho from Wisconsin in 1863. I was raised there. The attitude of the general population is total elimination of wolves, they had the "problem" taken care with govnerment help in the 1920's and 30's. As we now know the wolves are an important part of nature for the health of all species.

Commenter: sarah
It is up to us humans to fight for these endangered animals! Come on people, what's the problem? Help them live! They are a part of nature as we are. Let them live! We must NOT let anyone keep on going with this terrible evil. Make it STOP!

Commenter: cindy gates
lets all protect all wildlife before its no longer here

Commenter: John Burke
I do believe that, like coyotes, the wolf should be managed in one form or another. They are very intelligent and resourceful, therefore the extermination of the animal would not occur. Also the federal government has enough problems and issues to deal with and should leave the states handle their internal affairs as they see fit. I'm from Pa and our main predatory animal is the coyote. Although they are hunted vigorously throughout the year by many sportsmen, their presence is expanding throughout the state. I believe that the wolf species would respond in the same manner.

Commenter: Shirley
Wolves are a part of the circle of life... we can not continue the indiscriminate killing of apex predators (wolves, mountain lions, etc) without adversely impacting the balance of nature.

Wolves in The U.S. were actively exterminated for decades, and we decimated their population. They need, and deserve, our protection... before its too late, and they are all gone...

Commenter: Mary Robets
I, too, am distressed by the desire to kill wolves. In Wyoming, the attitude is "shoot, shovel and shut up". The outfitters want them gone because they think that they are taking too much of the game that they guide hunters to kill. They want them to be one of the "game animals". The ranchers want to keep them away from their livestock, and want to kill them on sight. Wyoming cannot come up with state plan that will please everyone and be fair to the wolf population. And now, to top it all off, Cabela's and others in the business of outfitting hunters, have organized "wolf hunting derbies" in Idaho, granting points to each wolf killed to those who participate.

If you cannot give money to your favorite environmental group that is endeavoring to help wolves, sign the petition that is now being publicized at Defenders of, which will be presented to Cabela's and other businesses as an appeal to stop these derbies! Check it out and be a participant.... I have started by cancelling all of the catalogs that they send to my mailbox and ceasing to purchase anything at all from them until this support of wolf killing stops permanently.
February 26, 2010

Commenter: Mrs Josephine Wright
These annimals'the Wolves'have as much right to live on this planet as The Human race have!I believe with all my heart they have the right to have 100% protection for ever!Let them live and roam this earth in complet freedom,and peace!Man does to much meddling with nature,It is man who needs controling!! Long Live The Wolf!!<3

Commenter: Stephen Stringham, PhD (Wildlife Biologist)
As recently as the 1800's, wolves and their prey south of Canada had huge areas of habitat. So excessive predation by wolves, leading to local decimation of prey, and they by crash in wolf numbers, could be compensated by later re-immigration by prey species and eventually by wolves. In the modern era, that natural cycling may no longer occur. Wolves may increase so much that they decimate populations of elk, deer, and other prey. So in some situations, wolf control may be necessary. Unfortunately, wolf control programs in general are not well-designed to meet the needs of wolves and of prey species so much as the desires of human hunters -- as one sees so clearly in Alaska. We await well designed management plans.

Commenter: Melinda
I cannot believe that they would even think of taking wolves off of the endangered species list, does America ever learn? I don't think its fair that we go into animal territory and take their land and food but we get mad and kill any of them that take livestock. What about them? How would people like it if something came in and decided there's too many of us and had open game day with us? That is cruel and wrong. Wolves deserve better! It's their land, too! If they take them off they would be hunted to extinction again and our kids and grandkids would never even know about the beautiful creatures that enhabit this country. THEY NEED PROTECTION!

Commenter: deborah
I am a political conservative who is absolutely sickened by the attack on wolves and other wildlife. These are necessary and beautiful creatures who should NOT be subject to wholesale extermination in this most brutal fashion. Why isn't more exposure about this problem being made on all the national media outlets? More people need to know what's going on.

Commenter: John Moore
If you are a wolf fan...we suggest you have a couple in your back yard as we do. It won't take long for you to wake up and "get real." We haven't seen any moose in our country for years since the wolves have arrived. Wish you could observe in real life the wolf impact. In our opinion it is one more example of "eminent domain." Government once again taking away our freedoms....This documentary is obviously so biased and it gives me a stomach ache. Shame on you.

Commenter: Carmen Jordan
This is such propaganda and a slanted documentary. Wake up people! Wolves are the biggest carrier of deadly parasites and spread them to your food sources and your pets. They neglect to tell you the expensive and detrimental consequences. Follow the money trail. We work and live with the wolves and the people who are financed to promote wolves. As most environmental groups they are able to support their lifestyle by appealing to people's niavety and softness toward animals and they are not providing you with the whole picture. They are not held responsible for any of their heavy-handed actions.

Commenter: Betsyoh
I see with interest the comments about wolf reproduction and claims that wolves reproduce well, as if that means they repopulate well. Recently a pack in Yellowstone produced 15 pups in one season; however, every last one of the pups died. In the wild, animals are subject to far more stressors than humans are in civilization. Pups do not equal population!

Commenter: Betsyoh
Your show, while mentioning that "ranchers fear" that cattle exposed to bison could become infected by brucellosis, failed to mention that there has NEVER been a documented case of the disease in bison. There have been many cases of it in elk, yet the ranchers do not call for mass killings of elk like they do for bison. That was very poor of you not to discuss. Ranchers use the brucellosis scare tactic because they want public land without competition for their cattle. Second, your show like so much of the media takes for granted that ranchers are entitled to let their cattle roam and range all over BML and other public lands and that they have a "legitimate" claim to drive predatory species such as the wolf to extinction in order to protect their cattle. BML and other public lands belong to the PUBLIC, not to ranchers, and we in the US have subsidized the ranching industry far too long to the detriment of our environment, our ecosystems, even our health. Many studies show the unsustainability of our practices. Shame on you for not exploring any of the negative impact of our public subsidies of cattle ranching in the US. Ranchers should have to roam and range their cattle on their own land, not public land.

Commenter: Brian Vanlandingham
It is NOT the wildlife that is the problem,IT is PEOPLE!!! WE need to SAVE ALL wildlife!!! Even if it meams the PEOPLE have to move to A big city!!! THE wildlife was here FIRST!!!!

Commenter: John Shea
There are pressures enough on the populations of wolves from shrinking habitat and climate change. The last thing we need is sport hunting of wolves. If, though an unlikely event, wolf populations in the three states should require culling, that grim task should not be done by hunters. Rather, it should be done only by trained wildlife officers who can identify old and infirm animals (at least initially). This should be done from aircraft with weapons that are certain to kill immediately.

There are plenty of passive (no-kill) methods of protecting domestic animals and people from these wild animals. Killing them should be a last resort and any culling should be undertaken only after a lengthy period of study to determine the stability of the various packs and the overall population in the region.

Sport hunting (which excludes subsistence hunting), is the killing of a living creature just for the fun of it. It is perverse and obscene. A civilized society shouldn't condone it.

Thanks to NOW for covering this issue. I hope your program stimulates viewers to share their opposition to the current Administration's lack of change with respect to this and many other environmental issues.

Commenter: John M. Britton
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep NOW on the air. this is one of the best investigative reporting shows I have ever seen. We need this kind of reporting, especially when it comes to revealing corruption in government and industry. There needs to be more of these kind of shows not fewer.

Commenter: Anne M Ianniciello
I have been a supporter of all endangered animals, but wolves have always been on the top of my list to save them from those who are so ignorant about the truth of the importance of all animals to the ecology.
I have lived in a rural farming and cattle breeding area, and have never understood how some people, most with a high IQ regarding running their farms and ranching, can make so many stupid ideas sound reasonable. I have sat in my bar (owned in 1993-1995) sitting there and laughing about the fun running the coyotes down with their snowmobiles. I refused to sit and listen and told them there were other places to sit and show their ignorance. Then in the spring the same farmers complained about the rabbits overtaking their crops! (i wonder what could have caused that?.)

Commenter: Katherine Lindgren
Left alone by people there is a balance of nature
and this needs to be allowed to happen in regard to
the situation with the wolves in Rocky Mountain
National Park and the surrounding areas.

Commenter: Sharon
They wonder why the deer population is increasing and causing accidents. If the human form would let Mother Nature alone and quite being "helpful"??? then the problem could be solved. Leave the wolves alone.

Commenter: Mike Schumacher
To all you city people who think the ranchers should move. Why don't you help save the wolf and leson your carbon foot print at the same time by killing yourself.

Commenter: Marina Salazar
Actions speak louder than words. Obama can SAY he is concerned about the environment, but what he DID was delist wolves, an important apex predator that is critical to a balanced ecosystem. He can SAY he was for change, but what he DID was endorse a BUSH administration policy to erode federal protections for our environment. He will NOT get my vote again if he does not reinstate the wolves' status as an endangered species. Obama has been a HUGE disappointment because of his callous disregard for this important environmental issue.

Commenter: DASR
I pray that one day, the American people, if not all people will evolve enough to realize that we need to adjust to accomodate the wild animals on this planet and not expect them to accomodate us!...We need to EVOLVE and stop eradicating animals when it suits our needs; using and abuseing, neglecting and torturing animals for entertainment, financial gain and food.

Commenter: emmymaie
why do creatures have to be threatened with extinction before they're protected? are not all creatures, in their own ways, sacred, and deserving of life?

Commenter: Albert Lopez

Commenter: Linda Martin
The Obama administration is behaving in a way that is disappointing to environmentalists in Oregon as well. I could write a book on what is happening here with private energy speculators and how the Obama administration is enabling the policies of Bush/Cheney. I've never been so disappointed in all my life. I voted for Obama; knocked on doors; raised money; spent hundreds of dollars in money we could ill afford to get him elected. He sent representatives to Oregon to meet with our groups and promised he would never allow the things to happen that he is allowing here. I know that McCain would have been worse, but I feel as if I've lost faith in politicians. Now, instead of donating to politicians, I shall give money to environmental groups and EarthJustice.

Commenter: Jeanette Strauch
I agree with ariel;I believe that they should try anything to protect the wolves, because before you know it the wolves are going to be endangered or even extinct. If it was me i would do everything in my power to save those wolves and try to make obama stick to his promise and make those wolves safe. If he wont listen then nobody will it only takes one person to realize whats really happening before everybody starts saying something and then obama will have no choice but to help the wolves with all of the power he has to make it illegal to kill any wolves in any state, or country!Jeanette Strauch,Germany

Commenter: Annie Moran
I saw this very thing on TV tonight and it made me sick. Wolves are susch beautiful creatures and have a right to be protected. As people care less about each other they feel why should animals be cared about. The Fish and Game people should not be able to kill the Wolves to thin out the packs. obama has lied again about protecting the environment which includes wildlife. Something needs to be done and very quickly.

Commenter: Mini Richards
To kill wolves is wrong....they are part of our heritage! The wolves are pack animals and are essential to a healthy eco system! These animals are important to our wilderness and we have a right to enjoy these animals and listen to their howl as it was when our ancestors came to this country. We do not want these animals to become extinct! We want to enjoy these magnificent creatures! We should NOT allow states to hunt these animals that we have worked so hard to reintroduce!! The type of people that want to hunt wolves are out for a trophy head and not meat...that is not sportsmanship! Hunters that kill wolves with pups of their own are cruel! Wolves cause very little problems! The people who are against them are very uninformed and trigger happy...all animals deserve to live..God made them for a very important reason! They must live just as any other animal lives in it's natural habitat! Haven't we caused enough distruction to our planet without listening to unscientific propaganda from hate groups!

Commenter: PD TRIEM
Secretary Salazar is a clone of Secretary Kempthorne who was a clone of Secretary Babbitt. They all share a Western ranchers' bias.

Commenter: Katharina
First we killed all the wolves. Then we re-introduced them into the wilderness. Now we are eliminating them again. An insane circle. The ranchers protect their cattle, because we cannot stop eating beef. I have suggested that the major animal-protection groups join forces with their lawyers to challenge the government's laws. President Obama would do well to take a moment from his healthcare problems and think of our precious wildlife instead. It would raise his poll numbers if he could show success in this area. Many, many Americans would love him for it. - Thank you, PBS, David Broncaccio and NOW, for bringing us this excellent program. We have to do more!

Commenter: gina jones
I so enjoyed all the information and as I am already ambassador of wild and hybred wolves I certainly do thank you so much !

Commenter: John OBrien
The wolf population is now healthy, too healthy to require federal protections at this time. We no longer live in a frontier society. Wolves are not good next door neighbors. If you don't believe me, introduce your household pet to a wolf; or rather, allow wolves to move in next to you, and they will take care of the introductions themselves. You will not be happy with the arrangement. Wolves are still welcome to live within designated domains, but they should not be permitted to establish dens randomly.

Commenter: Mike McCoy
The unreasonable hatred for wolves is primarily born out of competition between humans and apex predators and the livestock industry. Livestock production accounts for 70 percent of all agricultural land and 30 percent of the land surface of the planet. The livestock industry presents massive problems when dealing with land degradation, climate change, air pollution, water shortage, water pollution and loss of biodiversity (including wolves and other apex predators). Bison also bear the brunt of this industry because they carry brucellosis which they orininally acquired from European cattle. As tax payers we should not have to pay for so called "animal damage control services" protecting private livestock grazing on public lands. Livestock's contribution to environmental problems is on a massive scale and a solution is equally large. The impact is so significant that it needs to be addressed with urgency. Over 80 percent of corn and over 95 percent of oats produced in the United States are for feeding livestock. The world's cattle alone consume a quantity of food equivalent to the caloric needs of 8.7 billion people, more than the entire human population on earth.

Commenter: Mary M
How many thousands of years has the beautiful Wolf been on our "Mother Earth.? But man has always had his hand in Nature and can't leave well enough alone, including our Aquatic life.

Stop hunting these wild animals "for crying out loud." Man can buy mass produced meat in any grocery store. Let "Mother Nature" run its own course and man should not except to protect it.

If we had an over abundance of Eagles, would man then have to "kill them"?

And for once, Government should do what they say they will rather than just talk about it.

Mary M

Commenter: jeff williams...
I believe it's now time to take it up another notch...We desperately need to stop this now!...

Commenter: S. S. Sweet
Thank you to Now for airing this very timely piece on the wolves & the Endangered Species Act. The more publicity and awareness that is created, the more 'voices' will be be raised. We need to educate the public to stop the slaughter of our beautiful, wild animals. It DOES feel like history is repeating itself with these Derbies (Cabela's), aerial slaughters (Thank you Mrs. Pallin, & Gov. Sean Parnell), and the delisting of the Endangered Species Act (Sec. Ken Salazar). I think it's time we bombard the Office of the Interior, Sec. Ken Salazar with letters, phone calls, txt messages what-have-you. We need to create further awareness of these cruel anti-wolf, anti-animal practices. They have no voice, we are their voice. It's not OK to hunt for sport, it's not OK to torture animals, it's not OK to provide protection & them strip it away! I am writing my letters to Obama & Salazar immediately!

Commenter: Maria Martin
Hello! What I do not understand is the following thing:
The animals are hunted (wolves, bisons and gray bear) consumed by the North Americans? Or are they only hunted by sport?
Is hunting a "sport"??? God! We must learn to respect what was given to us as a gift. Killing for killing is not sport, it's barbarism. Not even animals do it. They kill for food, to feed themself.
I find it very hard to believe that Defenders of Wildlife promise the sportsman of America as soon as the wolf recovered they would support hunting.
Humans are taking over their habitat and have no where else to go! So, please, leave the animals alone!
Let's love all life on this planet, every living being on it.
Why is so hard to love? It's hard to love?
May God enlighten the Obama Administration.

Commenter: Mary M
How many thousands of years has this beautiful animal been on the face of our "Mother Earth,"
how about man? Well, man has always had to have his hand in Nature and thinks he is making such great progress with all of our Technology and Machines.

For once, why can't man just leave well enough alone? He can buy mass produced meat in any grocery store. Stop hunting these wild animals including those of aquatic nature for "crying out loud."

And why won't Government just do what they say instead of just talking about it?

"I'd love to change the world."


Mary M

Commenter: Thomas R Detman
We have a huge and increasing surplus of humans on the planet, but places that are wild, beautiful, and remote mostly shrink and disappear. We need these places, now more than ever, to escape the crush of humanity, to find find solitude, and to refresh our spirits. I think "We the people" should begin buying land adjacent to Yellowstone, when it becomes available, to expand Yellowstone so that it includes the ranges into which bison, elk and wolves migrate during the Winter. Cattle and ranching are in no way threatened; our little bit of remaining wild places and wild life have the greater need for that land.

Commenter: Robbie Sue Main
Wolves will need government support for their survival due to the economic impact on ranchers who lose money due to cattle loss. Many ranchers see no need for their survival and would shoot wolves anytime anywhere due to the death of their animals on their ranches. I don't know if the government allows tax deduction on their income taxes due to the loss of livestock. To me that sounds fair because ranching is a business. Ranchers would have to produce evidence of the death of the cattle to prevent fraud. I like the idea of a state plan submitted to the federal government for the number of wolves to be killed. With the change of weather becoming warmer the habits of wildlife will change with many of them moving north to stay in the climate they prefer.

Commenter: Jene'
I think the one thing most don't realize is that Secretary Salazar was a rancher. Ranchers tend to want to kill anything that is in competition with them. Unless we give them compensation for the kills, they will continue to hunt the wolf. What concerns me is that not all of the kills are made by wolves. Their own dogs kill their animals.
I hope that Mr. Hollond can make the repeal happen and keep these great creatures on the list. All animals deserve a life on this planet. They were here before us to pave the way. Without them our planet would not have been suitable for us. We answer by detroying them and our habitat?! Shame on us.

Commenter: Ben Schwehr
It is very simple. If the wolf population is uncontrolled, they will eat all of the other wildlife and then even the wolves will die. That would be a terrible loss. Wildlife management must be based on knowledge, not emotions. At the same time, we know that wildlife management is an economical issue. Without hunting expenses, there would be insufficient funds to manage wildlife. So if we let the wolves kill the game animals, then there will be insufficient funds to manage the wildlife. There should be so few wolves that it should be a challenge to even find one; they should not be so populous that they are seen everywhere. Wolves should also respect man and domestic livestock. I love all game animals. If the wolf becomes a game animal, I will love them also.

Commenter: Dr. Hubertus G.J. de Klerk
Wolves need protection period. If it's federal, environmental protection it doesn't matter. Restoring the wolf population in every possible way in every state that wolves once roamed helps getting a back the balance in nature. The Yellowstone reintroduction of wolves proves it and in area's like Alaska or Canada wolves have been a successful part of the landscape. There are many ways livestock can be protected, killing wolves is not one of them.

Commenter: WOLFMAN M

Commenter: Ryan
Coyotes in Idaho have been hunted year round for years without a bag limit. To my knowledge this has yet made an impact on the coyote population. Coyotes like the wolves, can have litters of five or more pups. I believe with or without a bag limit in ID,MT,or WY the wolf population wouldn't decline to numbers of no return, at least not in this day and age. Many years ago trapping and hunting the wolves and other fur bearing animals, was a way of making a living. Today hunting the wolves would just be a way of keeping the balance. Over the last twenty years i have seen evidence of the wolves killing elk to kill, leaving the meat for other scavengers or to rot. I understand why some people feel they should be killed off. Why should we leave it to the federal government to protect the predator?

Commenter: James G. Deane
In "Hunting Wolves, Saving Wolves" NOW did an excellent report on this important wildlife conservation issue. I am greatly disappointed by the Obama administration's apparent lack of interest in following through on the success of federal agencies and conservation organizations in restoring the wolf to a visible presence in and around Yellowstone and maintaining appropriate Northern Rockies wolf protection under the Endangered Species Act. I hope the conservationist lawsuit succeeds.

Commenter: Frances Evans
I have always thought the wolves and the wild horses to be the most majestic of all God's animals and put here to be enjoyed, not murdered. Yet, this country's political atmosphere has not changed enough since this country was founded to know these animals are a treasure and should be protected at all costs. Give the voters a list of the names of politicans who sponsor and vote for the killing and let us get them OUT OF OFFICE where they can do no harm.

Commenter: Ronnie Chittim
Wolves are native to the land...cattle and sheep are introduced by ranchers and the land is poorer for it. Elk and deer are kept in balance by wolves and the hunter with his expensive high powered rifle wants to do that job for bragging rights and photo op. Examine Ken Salazars record on environmental issues and it is no surprise his department is falling in line with commercial interests.

Commenter: Karin
This is not what Obama promised the people of this country before he got elected.Wolves have long been
vilified by fanatics who want to eleminate all wolves.The Interior Depatment abandon the wolves to those that will destroy them,,speeding up the extinction of America's beautiful wolves.Approximately half of all wolves die before reaching one year of age.This heavy toll is taken by
predators,such as grizzlies,factors such as inexperience,hunting accidents and disease.We hardly
need much wolf management for nature takes care of itself.Research shows that when wolves are removed from an erea,the remaing big game often suffers starvation and desease.We all have the responsibility
to protect our wildlife and wild lands,for every creature on this earth there is a reson for it to exist,everything in nature is connected,only man takes more than he needs,only to fulfil greed.Save the wolves.

Commenter: Robert
I hope your sister is o.k. I took care of her in Tucson. "Robert"

Commenter: Sarah Thorsteinson
Thank you so much for this program!! I am republican, but I believe strongly in protecting the earths natural species, so that our children and grandchildren may enjoy them as well.
Humans are a cancer on this planet. Why are we spending so much time "mananging" the environment and wildlife, and not doing anything to control our own overgrowth our our small planet? It seems extreme to manage ourselves and our own proliferation. So why would we manage everything else?

Commenter: Robert
I find it amazing that a population of 1600 wolves is considered 'too many'. Less than 5,000 cattle and sheep killed since re-introduction into Yellowstone seems an tiny loss. The reactions on television of people who hate wolves seems to have more to do with 'you're not the boss of me' than with any rational plan. Sad.

Commenter: Deb T
I'm disgusted by people/organizations that think that containing the wolf/bear/bison population to
"zoo" levels, as was suggested by one of the anti protection organizations, is how we should control predatory animal populations. I appreciate the work that reputable zoos, like the Minnesota Zoo, do to protect endangered species, but when I go I'm sadden to think that for many animals,this is it, the final destination for their species. When I see a giraffe in a pen no larger than my front yard, which is the case at the Como Zoo in St. Paul, I grieve, not just for the animal but for humans. We have so little regard for what came before us, we don't learn from our past mistakes and I think it will ultimately contribute to our downfall as a "species" .

Commenter: Tammy
There are no words to describe how it feels to get to watch a wolf pack for the past 10 years. I have been to Yellowstone almost every year since 2000 and have got the pleasure to be able to watch the Druid Pack. Now the pack is almost obselete. I think everyone that is against wolves needs to experience this once with their kids and then take a hard second look on what they are feeling about this matter. Please save the wolves and protect all wildlife. We are all here only once and remember the life span of a wolf is not very long. I also want to say please remember the DRUIDS and thank you for making the trails that are still visible today and hope that your brothers can follow in your paw prints.

Commenter: Dennis Donath
I am extremely disappointed that the U.S. Dept. of Interior is seemingly continuing any Bush administration environmental policies. I know Bush and his cronies knew little about the environment. I guess we have to rely on organizations like Earth Justice and the court system to sort out the mess.

Commenter: John Phillips
Nature has an intrinsic sense of balance and will superimpose that balance over time regardless of who/what causes a temporary change in the norm.

If humans are considered a part of nature as we so are in the NA sense, our actions while sometimes apparently detrimental will eventually fade into the ecosystem tapestry.

It is therefore incumbent that simple logical reasoning be employed at every turn in decisions regarding our world.

In one part of your piece, it appears said logic has almost entirely vanished from the scene at hand.

Why would anyone even entertain the notion that allowing a bison herd with 40-60% infection rate of Brucellosis to intermingle with commercial cattle, a FDA regulated food product and intregal part of this nation's food supply?

Especially, when cattle (and other livestock) have previously been slaughtered in the tens of thousands for simply being in the vicinity of another animal infected with Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy?

Have they gone "soft" in the head?

Commenter: Barb3000
These so-called hunters act like a blood thirsty mob.
I have a good idea that these people killed wolves where ever they spotted them in the wild. Laws don't mean anything to low-life creeps like these. I read a good article a while ago that said that when the apex predator such as the wolf is gone that smaller predators such as coyotes move in and do a lot more damage to sheep herds than the wolf ever did.

Commenter: Mike Schumacher
Hey can anybody reading this tell me what happend to the T rex did Fred and Barnne Kill them off!

Commenter: S. Urton
As mentioned in the program, the Obama administration is raising questions regarding their environmental views and policies. Along with the wolf issue is the wild horse and burro issue. Again public land is the site of the removal of large numbers of wild horses in the midst of winter for what reason? The BLM is saying that there are too many horses and since the ROAM Act was ammended during the Bush Administration, they feel they may now remove the wild horses and burros from these lands. They apparently want the land for the use of cattlemen and pipe line construction. These animals, much like the wolves, are being inhumanly treated during these roundups. A number have been killed and injured. The horses are being held at the public's expense in corrals. Now the BLM intends to purchase other land in other areas of the country to hold these horses. That means public money will be used to haul them to these new sites. No one knows how long these animals will be held, before they are probably sent to slaughter. Again, public money is being spent when these horses were doing well on public land without the interference of the BLM. Is this how our government intends to manage our heritage and wildlife? When they are through will there be anything left to manage?

Commenter: Joe Heinrichs
When the other animals start to diminish and the Wolves are hungry you will see the livestock pay the price,or maybe school zones maybe backyards are you willing to take that chance.Like anything else if they are not controled they will be a problem.I can only hope and pray that some innocent person doesnt pay the ultimate price due to oh my god the poor wolves.Thank You President Obama

Commenter: Cynthia Test
How sad. I have never felt so moved to comment on an issue as I feel on this one. I have a wolf that lives with me day in and day out. He is the wisest soul I have ever encountered. I do not promote humans "owning" wolves and I never forget that he is at heart a wild animal! I just happened to come upon one that had been hit by a car and picked him up and brought him to my vet for treatment. It was then that I discovered he was not a furry puppy but a furry wolf pup. That was 8 years ago and he has been my constant friend. Loyal, kind, loving and so very intelligent. I fear for their future. How can humans be so cruel?

Commenter: pat mangino
A wonderful book worth reading is The Ninemile Wolves by Rick Bass. (Any book by Rick Bass is highly recommended by the way)

Commenter: Jack
I'm sorry if this busts your world view, but wolves are not always regal. Sometimes wolves are revolting killing machines. Look for web sites displaying wolf kills. It will turn your stomach. People who live with wolves are near a breaking point. I live in Idaho and I sense that relisted wolves will be viewed as an attack against residents. I don't have a crystal ball, but I would not be surprised if the wolves go by-by.

Commenter: Ron Kyllonen
The wolves are at the top of the food chain and are necessary to keep the ecosystem in balance.

Commenter: M. Kitchen
I was interested in hearing the one rancher who was stating that the humans were the top predator, and suggesting that humans had to control the population of the wolves. What he didn't address were the two questions: What exactly do ranchers mean by "control", and who is going to "control" the population of humans?

Please let me know if I can help in the human "control" effort. Someone has got to step in and control the population of ranchers who have done nothing but damage the Creator's land by introducing non-native species, by polluting the water and air, by killing off the superior native fauna, and by causing huge amounts of soil erosion. Since their selfish natural tendencies are also responsible for promoting the rape of other natural resources, exactly what are they good for and why should anyone listen to what they want?

Commenter: Julie Morrell
I think humans should stop breeding so much before we destroy the entire planet.

Commenter: Tricia
I feel that these Wolves in the surrounding states and areas as well as Yellowstone. Also would like to mention Colorado,Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan as well as Wisconsin should all be protected under Federal Protection or we will be back to square one with the hunters killing wolves until they become extinct!

Commenter: Agnes Fleming
My decision is unshakeable and unequivocal that wolves should be protected, as should all wildlife, from the greed of the most obnoxious predator of all, men and women with rifles who do not kill off the weakest in the herds, packs, or flocks but rather, the strongest. I supported Obama during the campaign, but I am increasingly disappointed that he is turning into a typical politician, the job at any cost, not the responsibilities that go with it, and I know they are huge. But that's why he ran in the first place, wasn't it - he could handle it? No pussyfooting now, protect our wildlife, period! Whether we are naturalists, evolutionists, creationionists is not the question, Someone placed these animals on our plant along with us, or they evolved alongside us; kill them off and soon these idiots will turn upon the rest of us because we failed to act on time.

Commenter: Tsula Lea RedSheild (100% Native American)
They need to save those wolves! It took years to recover them into the US and we need to keep them. If you think of it, when we reintrudeced wolves into the United States we made a commitment to help protect and care for them. If we just go out and start shooting them, then we just waisted years of work and tons of money. Wolves have been here before us. This is there home. WE are the invaders of this land. NOT THEM!! We need to do all that we can to protect them.

Here is a website that you can join. It's trying to save wolves and bring them back.

Join H.O.W.L

Poem written by me

A flash of fangs

A howl of pride

Teeth and claws making the law

Burnished silver in the moonlight shine

A glimpse of flashing eyes

Fierce and powerful

Strong and swift

We are wolf

The hunter

The lover




Commenter: Laura T
The management of the wolf and its long-term survival as a species depends on a citizenry with a broader understanding of natural history and wildlife ecology than is the norm in America. It is disheartening to see employees in federal agencies charged with wildlife management who do not understand the importance of adequate numbers and genetic richness to species health and longevity. I hope the wolves win -

Commenter: Suzie
The Obama administration's delisting of wolves and allowance of the three states to control the future of America's wolves is incredibly disappointing. There is no justification for killing these animals. They belong to all of us, not just the ranchers or hunters in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Commenter: Nichole
I agree wolves should be managed, however they should be managed when they are actually at a viable population. Wolves are hated by ranchers which i think is a hate pointed in the wrong direction, it is proven wolves kill less livestock then coyotes, illness, and weather do combined. Wolves shoulod be protected and they should all be protected no matter what the state. I live in wyoming and went into a local out doors facility where they sold hunting equiptment and without hesitation they said if you see a wolf shoot it on the spot. And that my friends and fellow americans is wrong.

Commenter: clayton l
were in trouble when groups tell us when we need to take wolves or not . i think the conservation department probably knows better than some group setting in an office. but they are the ones that want to eliminate hunting altogether. stupid fools are not intelligent enough to no that hunters pay for the management and the comeback of the wolf. stupid.

Commenter: Barbara Crane
I oppose the slaughtering of wolves. They have as much a right to live as human beings.

Commenter: Sharon DuBois
With regard to wolves, if a population is too large, how about using the trap/neuter/return (TNR) method ? It is a humane way to control a population of any type of animal, without reverting to the barbaric practice of killing something if someone decides they don't like it. I am not an expert on wolves, but, having visited (1x) a local wolf sanctuary in Ipswich, Massachusetts, I learned how bonded these animals are with each other, they have an infrastructure, where each depends on the other for survival. We humans seem to forget how much we encroach on nature's original blueprint. Try trap/neuter/return. It works. (Ask feral cat folks).

Commenter: Joel Kuhlberg
Looks like Obama has let us down again. Delisting wolves at this point (1600) in 3 very big states is not going to result in a stable, healthy population. Yes, the ranchers have a right to protect their herds, but shooting wolves for sport is stupid.

Commenter: Joan Ashton
Thank you for NOW's involvement with this important issue.

Commenter: e148
What makes you think that government should protect any animal? Should put any animal over a human?

Commenter: Michelle
Common sense must be prevail over and beyond wolf-haters! Whenever humans destroy the natural hierarchy (specifically a 1st tier predator) of animals - all of nature is put into chaos. The chaos may not be visible to humans for many years but that does not mean it will not occur. It boggles my mind how those who live off of the land in America are so utterly blind to the cycle of nature including the consequences of aborting that cycle!

Commenter: Sandy Mckay
I live in Reno Nevada,in winter we have coytes,actually walking down our street ,feel people took away ther habitat,do not already shop at Cabellos or Scheel's,against hunting,when they lived here first, to bad these animals don't know how to use a gun,for the people who do this to them!!

Commenter: Blue
I almost laughed at the comment about how ranchers think city people know nothing about wolves, that we're too soft to know the problems they face. First, they kind of people they are referring to are the ones that stand around in the mall all day. Now I don't live in Wyoming, but I don't live anywhere near a city, and I never want to; disgusting places. I have seen these ranchers go on and on about how evil the wolf is because it kills their cattle. Well there is more than 6 million cattle roaming American lands; where are the wolves supposed to go? Humans are spreading so fast, tearing up every scrap of land that they see, we're lucky to have national parks. Because otherwise the wolf would be gone.
And ranchers always get mad when wolves enter their property, but how are wolves susposed to know? It's not that they don't know boundaries, they know boundaries very well, but our way of passing along those boundaries is unknown to them. They communicate through scent marking and voice. We think fencing will do it but that's not enough. When wolves see cattle, they don't register it as owned by a rancher because the territory isn't marked in their language. We have become so cut off from nature that we jump to the wrong conclusion of that wolves just hunt out of bloodlust, which is a better description of man than wolf.

And I wanted to slap that women across the face, the one who asked why animals should have more rights than people. How in the world do animals even have close to the amount of rights that people have? Animals don't even have the choice of being euthanized or not, it's made for them. While humans have freedom, animals are subjected to cages and chains because their living standards don't me our "expectations".

Hunters are so selfish; as the video put it, the wolves kept the elk population in check, something the hunters like to do. So is it a big fight over elk now? Are we going to kill wolves for a food source that wolves base their entire living off of when our world is stock piled full of other food choices?

I love this video, it's really informative.
Please save the wolf!
H.O.W.L. Help Our Wolves Live

Commenter: Charlie Lammers
I wish Ken Salazar would retire or find some other career path. I am equally disappointed in President Barack Obama for failing to exercise better leadership and allowing Salazar to have free reign over the Department of the Interior with little or no Presidential input. As for the woman in the video who questioned why a four legged creature should have more rights than people my answer would be because they were in her part of the US long before her forebears were. Wolves shared the land with native people who lived in harmony with them and other animals. Wolves and other animals have not invaded the ranchers habitat. Rather, it is the ranchers and other humans who have invaded the habitats of wolves and other wildlife. If these people are incapable of living peacefully with wildlife they should move to cities where much less wildlife exists.

Commenter: David Cannon
SENATOR ALLEN CHRISTENSEN OF UTAH IS EITHER SO CORRUPT AND ARROGANT THAT HE IS INTENTIONALLY SPREADING LIES & FALSE INFORMATION OR HE IS SO STUPID & INCOMPETENT THAT HE CANNOT DISTINGUISH FACT FROM PROPAGANDA. Most likely it is a combination of his corruption and stupidity. Arrogance, corruption, incompetence and stupidity are not desireable traits in any politician. The American people are fed up with politicians like him.
Here is his exact response to someone who addressed their concerns about wolf conservation to him:

"You live in la-la land. The reintroduced wolves are large canadian wolves not the previous ones put here by nature. No animal can stand up to a pack of 10-20 wolves, thus the wildlife populations suffer. Also much killing is done by the wolves just because they can and not for survival. You are chosing to believe one side of the issue and I believe the other. Ask the people that live with them. They tell me that these wolves are unmanageable and uncontrolable. I trust they will be invading your area soon and I hope you then remember our conversation. Senator Christensen"
First of all "You live in la-la land" is a response someone would expect from a 12 year old, not a US senator. The senator is either intentionally lying or he is too incompetent & stupid to know what he is talking about. There is little genetic difference between gray wolves from across north america. (1) There is practically no difference between the gray wolves from Canada and those that were in the western United States.(2) This has been clarified with new techniques such as molecular genetics. (3) In other words, there is no difference between "canadian" wolves & "previous ones put here by nature". All of senator Christensen's statments are false, including "these wolves are killing just because they can." That happens only rarely and in uncommon situations. It is rare for wolves to kill wild prey in surplus. If wolves occasionally do kill more than they can immediately eat, they are responding normally to a situation that is drastically different than usual.(4) In areas where wolves have been absent for some time, the prey have become more vunerable. The prey will quickly adapt to the presence of wolves, and the small ammount of surplus killing he is refering to will be nothing to worry about. Restoring wolves will increase overall species diversity and help restore the balance of nature.(5)

After reviewing the current scientific literature, I have come to the inevitable conclusion that Senator Allen Christensen is an incompetent moron of such limited intelligence that he is unfit to be a US senator.

1) Ecology & Management of Large Mammals in North America.
2000, Prentice hall Inc. p. 337

2) Wolves. Behavior, Ecology & Conservation.
David Mech & Luigi Boitini
2003, Universiy of Chicago Press. p. 245

3) Ecology & Conservation of Wolves in a Changing World.
1995, Wayne, RK pp. 399-407

4) Wolves. Behavior, Ecology & Conservation.
David Mech & Louis Boitani
2003, University of chicago press. p. 144

5) Large Carnivores and the Conservation of Biodiversity.
2005, Island Press. p. 40

Commenter: Kim G.
That's pretty amusing, Bruce; your comment that "wolves sport kill in ever [sic] state they live." So if I'm understanding you, I should believe that wolves must just sit around in their man "caves," enjoying their pizza, potato chips & beer. That is, until morning rolls around when they all head out together to kill other animals just for sport. Wow. Who would've known?

No Bruce, the larger threat to this area are those who support eradication of the wolf population. Diminishing the number of wolves is purely motivated by dollar signs, selfishness and ignorance. Any population that is unnaturally altered by man will ultimately throw off the bigger ecosystem. Unfortunately, man's influence over the wolf population brought about nearly wiping out wolves in this region of the country. I believe as citizens, we need to be good stewards to our environment, and right now, wolves need our help.

That said, it might interest you that I am not affiliated with any animal rights group or PETA and I'm not an environmental alarmist. In fact, I mostly vote conservatively, I am a NRA Lifetime Member, I drive a gasoline-fueled vehicle, I prefer more toilet paper than not and I don't tie myself to trees. However, I do what I can to protect what I can by turning off faucets, recycling, picking up trash and I'm teaching my children to do just the same.

I'd love to see your data, Bruce, to back up all your claims. Please, be sure to include the sources.

Personally, I'm standing with the wolves, who by the way, are standing on my federal land.

Commenter: Steve Easten
Bruce, you need to educate yourself before you make foolish statements.
Wolves only kill what they eat, and many other animals benefit. They strengthen herds and bloodlines of Elk, Deer, Bison, etc. They cause River lowlands to flourish and increase habitats for water fowl, fish, Otters, Beaver etc, by keep herds moving and not stagnant.

On record less than 500 kills of livestock in 5 years. Not all were proven Wolf kills. U.S. gov. pays the farmer. No farmer has gone out of business from Wolf predation.

Commenter: Heidi
Its So Hard to read about this it breaks my heart their poor animals just trying to live, but man uses them for their own benefit,

Commenter: Donna Reichart
It is just amazing to me how stupid these legislatures are to enable killing of predators.
If they went to an accredited college, they should have been required to take a basic course in biology
with some animal ecology highlights. Animal ecology is a very delicate balance, taking millenniums to perfect. Predators,have few offspring,
are generally NOT KILLED for food and serve an extreme importance in keeping prey in check. Prey,
on the other hand, have many offspring and ARE KILLED for food. Prey when left unchecked can absolutely wreck havoc. Australia has been to the brink of castatrophe with mice eating all their grain, Canada with rabbits. Grain is one of the most important food staples needed by all humans and the very prey (cattle, chicken, etc)they consume. You don't have to look very far to see how large civilization can be wiped out by disease or massive consumption of their grain. I haven't heard of anything of such due to predators, except the stupidity of mankind. I am a third generation rancher, and yes wolves sometimes kill calves or weak cattle, but this is an aberation. Some states deal with this loss by allowing the ranch to write off it's loss just as a grocery store is allowed to do so when it's fruit rots on the shelves either because the price was too high for people to purchase or it was shipped that way,etc.
Wolves are kept in check by natural selection.

Commenter: Emilia Ghitulescu
Protecting life for al Wildlife.That is the best pressent which GOD give to all of us.

Commenter: JEFF WILLIAMS...
I am very disappointed at the way the Obama administration has handled this wildlife issue. i truly hope it's not an example of what is yet to come, because I was relying on this administration to lead the world in many areas (including all wildlife issues and supporting the endangered species act!)...

Commenter: Lucy Honeychurch
People must learn to live in harmony with, and in support of, wildlife and wild places.

We were put here to be caretakers of creation. Anything less is a sin.

Commenter: Kate Kenner
Wolves are being killed from helicopters in Alaska and Idaho. Oddly enough Idaho is where they were relocated for their own safety and Sarah Palin has been no great champion to them. the slaughter goes on even though she is no longer Governor. I would love to see that brought to the public's attention. This is an abomination.

Commenter: Jeanne Daniels
The government saves and the government kills. They do what that want to...if we don't have a voice. Please protect God's creatures...they do not have a voice, we are their voice.

Commenter: Linda Bentley
My husband is a rancher. We lose several cows and calves each summer when they graze in the mountains. On our lower altitude winter range, we have seen coyotes (the smallest species of wolves)start eating the head of a calf as it was being born while the mother was helpless. Once you live around them and have them eating your meager profits, you think differently about their needs. The wolves have multiplied rapidly and in the process killed many elk so that herds are perhaps endangered themselves.

Commenter: Thomas Johnston
The Obama Administration is just wasting time. I admit that I badly need help with health concerns, but nobody is shooting at me or trying to wipe my family out.
The only real way to handle states like Montana, Wyoming and Idaho is to remove their US government sponsored funds such as funds for roads and other government sponsored programs. I'd leave AFDC and some of the other programs for the needy in place and remove subsidization of ranchers (who only want to kill and are unwilling to change) who are using the public's lands to graze their livestock. Farmers and ranchers need to be much better husbandry-ites of their livestock and not just turn them loose with no oversight and expect a 100% increase.
Wolves and wildlife are our gifts to our children and grandchildren. They are not ours to destroy.

Commenter: Robert
This show was nothing more than a pro-wolf propoganda piece, and lacked any input from other sides of the issue...biased is an understatement...we have wolves living in and around towns and populated areas 20 miles from National Forests...not places meant for reintroduction, and pro-wolf groups still want to limit our ability to control the out of control populations....maybe if everyone had to stand guard with guns at their kids bus stops because of over-populated wolves, some common sense would come into the equation...not for wiping out the wolves, just for controlling them...if left to run amok, they will eat themselves out of prey, and then what???? In some areas they have already devestated the elk heards....and yes they do sport kill elk and deer....controlling the woves is good for the wolves...the reason our mountain states have all the game we do is because of hunters, and the $ they spend and time they volunteer for wildlife.....just think this show could have spent at least a few minutes on facts from another perspective..instead of just feeding people the enviro point of view.....

Commenter: Naturalbill
This is God's dog and must be protected against the bloodlust of ranchers and hunters. The livestock kills are minimal and the informed ranchers are coexisting with these keystone animals. Once reestablished, the habitat becomes more healthy. Yes, the cows are alittle lighter from being more active and alert when predators are present but is the eradication of a magnificent species worth augmenting the bottom line of the few cattle ranchers left in this small area of Yellowstone? The wolf must remain on the endangered species list and it must be enforced. If the days of the iron grip of the cattle, mining and timber industries on government are not strongly confronted with education and enforcement, the battle will never end.

Commenter: Charles Swanson
I cannot possibly make my comment any more appropriate than St. Francis of Assisi, who said: "If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."


Commenter: MaryAnne Carse
I believe the wolf is the most "misunderstood" of any animals. It is a proven fact they do not deliberately kill.

We have tried so hard to bring them out of extinction only to have them slaughtered because of various political means.

It is truly sickening. Perhaps maybe we should start doing this with humans. It is the same premise. Don't want something around, get rid of them by any means.

Commenter: Aaron
Very good documentary. Clearly Salazar is corrupt

Commenter: ariel
i believe that they should try anything to protect the wolves, because before you know it the wolves are going to be endangered or even extinct. If it was me i would do everything in my power to save those wolves and try to make obama stick to his promise and make those wolves safe. If he wont listen then nobody will it only takes one person to realize whats really happening before everybody starts saying something and then obama will have no choice but to help the wolves with all of the power he has to make it illegal to kill any wolves in any state, or country!

Commenter: Bruce Hemming
The real goal of the wolf is to attack the rural culture of America. Defenders of Wildlife promise the sportsman of America as soon as the wolf recovered they would support hunting. The wolves official recovered in 2002 ever since DOW has done everything they can to stop wolf hunting.

1. Ranchers have been forced out of business watch Undue Burden the real cost of living with wolves.
2. School distrust have build wolf proof bus stop shelters.
3. The official wolf count is base on a fraud. No singles doubles or un known packs are not counted.
4. Wolves don't kill they eat some large animals the pack will hold down and eat on the animal while they are alive. Once full they leave the animal suffering.
5. Wolves sport kill in ever state they live. For an easy fact check search Dillion MT 120 sheep slaughtered by wolves.

Commenter: Sandra McGee
Since the "white man" came onto this continent, it has reeked havoc. We have messed with the balance of wildlife long enough. It is evident that nature needs wolves for that balance. Just as we need other species for the balance of nature, whether people regard them as nuisances or not. Really that has no barring on nature. It is NOT up to us. We are supposed to be stewards of this earth - and as far as I have seen we have done a crap job of taking care of it. I would like to mention all of the folks who have worked hard to reverse years of pillage & plumage on this earth & its wildlife - they should not go unnamed or forgotten. For they are the ones who keep wolves and other species alive. Without them we would have nothing.

Commenter: Kathy Stuart
It is hard for me to believe that once again America is finding herself in another "kill em all" mindset; the same as we lived through in the nintenth and early twetieth centuries. In those years we saw most of our apex predators and a large number of other species nearly disappear from between our shores. I am so ashamed that yet again certain groups find that it is politcally expedient to pander to large corporations like the meat industry instead of following good science and the will of the "People". Those involved with the derbies, cullings, or whatever euphimemism is currently bandied about, continue to line their pockets at the expense of our national treasures.

I can only hope that the Obama administration hears the voices of those that are fighting to save not only our wild lands but our wild animals as well. He simply cannot allow us to return to the time when the poular photos of the day showed dozens or hundreds of dead wolves, cougars, and innumerable other furred or feathered victims hanging from wires, fences or the sides of lodges while grinning pseudo humans preened and posed for the camera, proud to the bone of the carnage they had wrought.

No more.

Commenter: Susan Brereton
The wolf is very misunderstood. This is a regal animal and to slaughter these is about the worse decision that the Obama administration has made. He will never get my vote again.

I owned a wolfdog, 3/4 gray wolf and 1/4 german shepherd and she was the most docile and loving animal, she recently passed on at the age of 13.

This slaughter needs to stop....

Commenter: Rosalie Godines
How can the Obama administration do such a thing. The wolf need to be on the endanger species list. Its a beautiful animal and we need to protect this animal with everything we have.

Commenter: Todd
Even though I'm giving what I can, I do wish I was rich so I could give ALOT more. Why must humans kill animals for "sport"? It's very aggravating to me and I HATE it!!! Humans kill animals because they get over populated in areas? That's because humans are taking over their habitat and have no where else to go! We should think about OUR population before we kill off animals because without animals on this planet, we have nothing but the disease and virus that is us as humans. I may be human but I think our species are a menace to this planet and it would be better off without us.

Commenter: Sandra L. Girffel
Is history repeating itself? Did we not learn one
thing during the Teddy Roosevelt days? Are we going to repeat the days of wolf slaughtering? Shame on
our government!

Commenter: Kathleen Hatt
We must fight to save our wildlife.

Commenter: Linda Spillman
Wolves need to be part of the balance of nature. They should be protected by the government. I understand they aren't aware of boundaries and appropriate food sources.

Commenter: Eric Burr
The International Wolf Center in Minnesota is the best source for unbiased information.

Commenter: carol
I never believed obama. nor trusted him. with all the wolves killed since palin was in office to now the servival of the wolf has diminished greatly. The airel hunts are cowardly and disgusting. Ranchers moved into the wolf habitat - therefore they knew before hand the chances of their livestock being attacked. They are just in the wrong place- they should be moved away from the wolf habitat.the ranchers are greedy for the land and care only how much money they can make off the cattle flesh they harvest for meat eaters of the human specie. Move the ranchers save the wolf, bison and bear.

Commenter: Rodger Schlickeisen
The Obama administration made a horrendous mistake in adopting George Bush's interpretation of the Endangered Species Act and removing federal protections for wolves in the n Rockies. I am confident the court will rule that in doing so they acted illegally. I believe the administration itself now recognizes their mistake. They should therefore act before the court rules and thus save the lives of numerous wolves in ID where they plan over the next month to hunt and kill them right up to their well-known den sites. They should be truthful with the public and acknowledge that what they did put politics above science in the ESA and thus weakened that law severely, something they promised not to do. We all make mistakes. The real difficulty is if after you know you made one, you don't acknowledge it and act to stop the harm you mistake is causing.

Commenter: Billy Klock
If they go by science which was the promise when he took office then there is no other choice but to protect them under the endangered species act.

Commenter: jo cittadini
stop killing God's creatures ..

Commenter: Juanita Larkin
These animals have just as much right to be on this planet as we do.More destruction is done by man than these wolves.They should be protected as promised.

Commenter: mary ann LaJoie-Sandroff
You have done a great job so far, but hunters and contests killing wolves are still going on. Human beings seem to be the terrorists still of the animal world. Cruelty, torture and ignorance is still the human condition. There must be a way of birth control for the wolves. spend your money with research that is studying that possibility. We can't keep killing everything that has as much right to live here as we do.

Commenter: Anne Lerdvina
I am appalled the Obama administration opting to allow this to happen, especially since beautiful wolves were on the endangered species list, due to inhumane hunting.

Commenter: Ron Voltz
As far as the complete protection going on indefinetly I don't think that will work. The wolf is highly adaptable and will reproduce at a rate that will surprice
you. With no control and not many natural predators for them. It could be a problem.

Commenter: Marg Salemme
Stop killing these magnificent creatures, they are too important to our ecosystem, and most of all because they were here first!

Commenter: Kimela Blue Horse Perkey
We must band together to save our Creator's most majestic creature the "Wolves", it is a disgrace for any one of our Creator's creatures to be destroyed or hunted and killed for pleasure or for any reason....

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Catron County wants wolf removed

RESERVE, N.M. (AP) - Catron County officials say an endangered Mexican gray wolf has been causing problems in the Cruzville area and they want the animal removed.

The county said Monday that the uncollared wolf has killed family pets and attacked a horse at one property in the western New Mexico community.

The county's wolf investigator has apparently confirmed the problems.

The county has sent the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service a letter asking that the wolf be removed.

Last year, the county passed an ordinance claiming the right to remove problem wolves if the federal government didn't act.

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